Trump – why the hate? It’s human…

Growing up you’re taught decency.  Say ‘thank you,’ ‘please’ and hopefully ‘yessir’ and ‘no ma’am.’  You’re taught to respect others including the less fortunate.  And to be kind.  If you don’t have anything to say good about someone, keep quiet.  This is humanity, this is what garners goodness and this is what Trump is not.

He’s everything our instincts, proper instincts, rebel.  How can he succeed?  How can we teach our children right from wrong are the fundamental questions of his presidency.  Why?

And that’s the problem.  That’s the issue.

His followers separate the good from the bad.  They’re just happy that a ‘white male’ is in power.  That there’s someone who champions the cause for ‘white success’ and is stopping the influx of the brown invasion.  This is more important to them than the advancement of civilization, goodness, humanity and kindness.  All they care about is ‘me’ with no empathy towards others.  Instead of bettering themselves and competing, they’re too lazy to ‘boot strap’ their progress and instead are relying on ‘daddy trump’ to right the ship.

So that’s why he’s hated/loved.

Is there anything good about the man?  I don’t think so.  His narcissism and racist views are on full display but his base is blinded by the norm, American history: the expectation of white privilege and white male rule.  Maybe they weren’t taught decency, respect and empathy.  Most of his supporters have never been engaged with anyone of color yet they choose to correlate brown with fear and laziness.  Remember how Trump always complained of Obama vacationing?  It’s been a long tradition of viewing Blacks as lazy post slavery.  He’s too stupid to be calculating in his message so it’s his true feelings that are on display.

45 is bad for the future of America, the world; let alone the present.  He’s uncouth, a loud-mouth, un-hinged and dangerous.

Dangerous in the sense that kids will view him as someone who got away with the negatives that we’re taught not to do (bullying) and yet he succeeded.

But success isn’t getting what you want or getting people to follow you.  Anyone can create a cult.  Success is making your community, your environment and the world a better place.  It’s not materialistic.  Nor intimdational power or bravado.


It’s humility.  Another trait 45 lacks.

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