On Political Correctness

pccartoonWhat to say, what not to say.  Should I be concerned with hurting someone’s feelings or should I just say what’s on my mind; because it’s probably what others are thinking too…

We’ve become oversensitive, whatever happened to the comedy of Archie Bunker, Fred Sanford or George Jefferson?

Since the late 60’s, the world has changed.  Socially changed.  Blacks are now integrated, women’s rights are now being enforced; same as gays.  The voices of minorities are being heard and now, louder than ever and these voices are carrying opinions.  Opinions developed through their experiences and their ways of life and these perspectives have weight, spewing forth from titles such as President of the United States and Supreme Court Justice.  And including Senator, Congress(person), Mayor and Governor.  This has upset the status quo.  Tremendously.  Whereas the ruling party, in the past, could say and do whatever it pleases and say and do what pleases them, this is no longer the case.


Political Correctness arouse out of the fact that you’re not the only one around anymore.  That ‘water cooler’ joke is no longer acceptable because the butt of it has a cubicle right next to yours.  You will respect me and more importantly, it’s not funny.

Ben Carson’s misinformation.

But we’re missing the point.  Yes, you SHOULD be able to say what’s on your mind, regardless if it’s offensive but the key is why is it on your mind?  Why do you still want to call Blacks, niggers; Gays, faggots; or Hispanics, wetbacks.  Why do you have an offensive mindset to begin with?

Factor in laziness.  Working on bettering yourself is a lot harder than blaming others for your misfortunes.

President Obama’s true legacy.

And as a country, we’re still struggling with the process of inclusion.  It’s hard to release or share power but our country’s mindset has to become more aware that there’s more power in numbers; there’s power in the minority think tank and power outside of the structure that is.  And if we, as a country, want to succeed, we need to develop empathy for the minority struggle and begin this inclusion process.  But again it takes work.  Work to win that internal battle and WANT to change and be a part of the future greatness of this nation.  For yourself, your children and your legacy.

Political Correctness is just a way of saying what’s not on your mind, your true self.  Change your mind and your true self then you no longer have to worry about being correct politically.  You’ll just be correct morally.

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