Ebony and Ivy: Race, Slavery, and the Troubled History of America’s Universities – Craig Steven Wilder

“We’re institutions that are founded to produce knowledge and pursue truth and we can’t be cowardly when those truths are uncomfortable for us.”  – Craig Steven Wilder, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology history professor specializing in American institutions speaking about the admissions, recently, of Ivy League schools addressing their involvement in slavery.

I give these schools credit for visiting a time of their history they’ve ignored for the past few hundreds of years.  A history that has shaped these learning institutions and helped propel them into the world-known universities that have survived since their inception.  

This book chronicles the relationship slavery and its impact on these schools.  particularly Harvard, Yale, Rutger, Princeton, Williams College and UNC and how they used slavery to their advantage through its labor and monies from slave holders.  Dependent on this ungodly institution, they, ironically,  became breeding grounds justifying racist ideas.

The silver lining with admitting their involvement, many have publicly apologized and some, such as Georgetown, have offered assistance to its admittance to any person of color, descendant of slavery.

A good step in the right direction.


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