Born from Weeds & Rats


They say your initial writings should be on subjects that you’re familiar with; this will ease the flow and add knowledgeable substance to your project, so I chose religion, a subject that I’m constantly researching; and my childhood, the world’s most perfect upbringing. A year and a half in the making, I’m thankful that it’s now complete for your reading pleasure.

It’s available in ebook form on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

And paperback for $14.99.

Enjoy!! And of course, let me know what you think!

James has concluded he’s had it with religion. Done. It’s not for him. But with that finality, he’ll also be losing his childhood sweetheart Mary, a devoted believer-forever.

It’s 1968 and sixteen year old James, having just witnessed Dr. King speak, is on top of the world. He lives in a utopian community, has a loving family, three best-friends and a childhood crush whom he quietly and quickly begins dating. But observing the day-to-day struggles of his sweetheart, Mary, and his best best-friend, Steve, he sees their need for religion and he himself, wants nothing to do with that.

As his love for Mary grows, he compromises, accompanying her regularly to church services, but when she expects him to attend Oakwood College, a religious institution, he draws the line. He decides to enroll at Fisk, allowing him the opportunity to find himself.

And what he finds is an opportunity to lead an agnostic organization that aspires and achieves a global expansion that embraces all of his values without the need for religion. As his organization grows, so does the distance between he and Mary. He achieves a status as a global leader invited to speak all over the world while Mary finds herself in an abusive relationship, spiraling out of control. Justifying their breakup, James is torn between that and wanting to save her.

Tragedy strikes, renewing his doubts of abandoning not just Mary but religion in general.

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