Where is the world!?

This situation bothers me.  More than I expected.  When I first saw the videos and heard the outcry, I dismissed it.  Ignored it.  Indifferenced it.  But then I watched it, horrified at what was taking place.  The auctioning off of people.  In 2017…

What really touched my soul was that fact that these people were fleeing something worse, just wanting to get away.  Not expecting their fate but it was better than ‘home.’

How can someone exploit another human seeking asylum and escape?

For weeks I felt helpless.  Here I’m struggling to make ends meet but I have a home, a full belly, friends, family and a plan for my future.  All they had was a flight instinct.   I’m not a fan of donating to causes, after paid overhead, very little is expended on the need but I had to do something.  Something, because this is unacceptable.  I still don’t know what to do but non-action is unacceptable for my conscience.  Unacceptable for humanity.

So for now, thoughts have energy, so I’m focusing on keeping them positive as I plot and plan a decision, an action that I can execute to somehow someway bring awareness to this ongoing tragedy.

In Libya they’re selling people into slavery; something must be done.

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