My Youtube Channel.

I’ve dabbled in the videography field for a few years, specializing in visualizing House Music and providing support for a few local artists I love and support.  My primary achievement for documenting a movement, a voice, a dedication for a dear friend; a brother of mine.  Club 6 – The Documentary was a project developed to solidify the homage DjFu (Leo Crawford) paid to his departed son.  Instead of a violent act begat-ting more violence, he flipped the script and opened his heart to music and all that were willing to bring love and peace to his suffering.  A heartwarming tale evoking the true spirit of love.

Next, my other dear brother; Darryl D’Bonneau.  This dude’s voice is off the chart!  An international dance artist, I’ve been blessed to video a few of his tracks but I’m most proud of our most recent collaboration – SURVIVOR.  A piece developed with a universal appeal that speaks to the instinct of all humans to persevere through any storm and seek the light that is within.  Good job Darryl…

Lastly, my good brother Jovan..  A hidden gem here in CT, his lyrical-ness is extraordinary, combined with a brilliant learned mind that he shares in all of his creations.

These cats are just a few artists I’ve been blessed to work with over these past few years.  They think I’m doing them a favor but in reality, I’m humbled to be in their presence..

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