(T)rump Roast

This guy is pathetic, a buffoon, a coward, a bully, disgusting, delusional, racist, ignorant, incompetent, embarrassing, ill-mannered, misogynistic, deplorable, condescending, xenophobic, shameless, self-aggrandizing, idiotic, repugnant, sleazy, shameless, unfit, reprehensible, execrable, despicable, inexcusable, disastrous, predictably inept and a ‘thing that he likes to grab.’

He’s despise-able and should not be representing our nation.  He represents everything that we, as a nation, have been striving to sway away from; the corporatic White-male domination that this country was founded upon.  Our shameful history, but it’s time to move forward…

Sometimes you have to step back to see the big picture.  45 is our step back and the protests, the disdain, the non-acceptance that we’re witnessing of this administration is the big picture. The big picture of how divided this country is but more important, how determined we are to see this through…

They say you should confront your fears, but what about your ‘hates?’  I hate 45, passionately and passion is an emotion I embrace.

This Post is my protest.

“(His)-tory: John Kelly’s inaccuracy…”

“Time to 25 45.”

“Trump – why the hate?  It’s human…”

“And then let us debate legacies…”

“I’m not worried…”

“Trump The Liar”

“Why Trump matters.”

“Coach, put me in!”

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