Top Ten (10)

I believe everyone should make a top ten list of things that are important in their lives.  Revisiting them and just remembering them can invoke positive thoughts and feelings needed in the everyday stressful life.  So get to creating, you’ll enjoy the process, release those beautifying endorphins and create sustaining memories forever and ever.  



For the past few years, I’ve been averaging a read book per week.  Not including the many I’ve read before so when challenged to choose my top ten books, I accepted and battled through the process.  It was fun and after years of intense thought, here they are….






The Yankees

Some of my earliest childhood memories involve The Yankees.  A fan since ’77, I’ve enjoyed those years (77,78,79), survived the 80’s and regained the pride of the late 90’s.  So spanning over 40 years, it wasn’t easy coming up with a top ten list but again, I enjoyed the search, reliving some extraordinary events.  Enjoy!





House Music

Ma Foom Bey mixed with Aint No Mountain High Enough (Inner Life), that’s what got me hooked.  Of course I had heard club music and disco before that but that was the epiphany.  And from then on, I’ve been a clubhead.  GOTTA HAVE HOUSE!!  So this list is 30 years in the making and I was asked a few years ago to create it but it took some time…

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