Top Ten Books


Guns, Germs and Steel; Jared Diamond

A good summation of why the world and its inhabitants are in the condition that they are in.  Ever wonder why Europe was able to conquer Africa?  This read explains that simply and efficiently.  Technical at times similar to a text book but very informative.  Have your highlighter ready!






Book of Numbers; Robert Dean Pharr

Probably one of my all-time favorite reads, beautifully written and without a single unnecessary word.  Set in the 1930’s and published in the 60’s, you’ll enjoy the tales of Dave and Blueboy.








7 Habits of highly successful people; Stephen R. Covey

Quite simply, if you follow these steps, you will succeed.  It’s a daily struggle but creating these 7 positive habits and establishing them into your goals will put you in a confident state of mind and on the road to success.







Blink: The power of thinking without thinking; Malcolm Gladwell

The police officer’s story was compelling, considering the rash of killings and disrespect rendered by the (men) in blue.  Thinking without thinking is the concept.  How do we gather as much information necessary in a fraction of a second, or the blink of an eye, to make a rational decision?







Empire of the Summer Moon; S.C. Gwynne

We tend to forget how violent and lawless the U.S. was during its expansion westward.  And this includes the injustices toward Native Americans.  They didn’t give up without a fight and the story of Quanah Parker and the Camache tribe is worth reading.  I was sweating!







 A Testament Of Hope: The essential writings of MLK

His oratory skills were so great, we fail to realize how brilliant his written words were.  His ‘Letter from a Birmingham Jail’ is a masterpiece and his philosophical approach towards equality combined with his effective marriage of preaching and political awareness is truly on display as you’re able to peruse his thoughts in this volume.  Excellent!






 Shantaram; Gregory David Roberts

Almost a 1000 pages, I read this in about 5 days.  I couldn’t put it down!  I love stories filled with historical cultures and set in foreign countries and that’s the essence of this book.  It’s semi-autobiographical and it took the author 10 years to write and it was definitely worth the wait.  Great vocational read.






 A thousand splendid suns; Khaled Hosseini

Storytelling is what this book is about.  Set in Afghanistan, it revolves around 3 generations of a family, specifically women, as they experience all emotional highs and lows of what it’s like to be a female in a Muslim country.







Half of a yellow son; Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Continuing my love of books set in foreign lands and enriched in historical culture, this is a story set during the Biafra war in the early 60’s.  Twin sisters experience family turmoil as they embattle the effects of a country divided.






Born from Weeds & Rats; Marcus A. Nelson

I had to include mine!  Set in the late sixties, you’ll struggle along with young James as
he’s torn between the love of his life and her love of religion.



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