The Hate U Give: Angie Thomas

I really enjoyed this book.  Not something I’d normally read but it’s good to step out of my norm and discover something new.  And it’s fiction!

16-year old Starr is trying to balance her home life, living in a poor neighborhood and attending an upscale private school.  She witnesses her childhood friend’s murder and is conflicted with saving his reputation (for she knew who he truly was) and telling the truth which would reveal her two worlds.

A remarkable tale as this conflict takes place with most Black kids and adults.  Angie tackles this dilemma from a teenager’s point of view terrifically focusing on how even the little things that can determine friendships matter.  The characters: her father, best-friend, boyfriend, mom and brothers all have individual challenges that help her decide her ultimate fate.  It’s easy to predict and tell someone what they should do and how to do it but walk in someone else’s shoes before offering that kind of guidance.

Starr finds her voice, makes her decision and realizes truth always wins with the comfort of doing right.

Good read.

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