The Essence of Black Panther – Part I








T’Challa v Killmonger

Good v Evil

But who’s who?  T’Challa, as king, is fated with protecting Wakanda, the land he rules.  It’s customs, its peoples and most important, its resources primarily vibranium.  This resource is the most powerful metal on the planet and as a result has transformed the kingdom he inherited into the most advanced technological civilization known to man. He’s ruler of the most dominant nation on earth albeit secretively as part of his protective plan is to keep this resource entirely within his nation.

Killmonger, through events, is a native to Wakanda and feels that its his birth nation’s duty to utilize this powerful resource to conquer the world that has betrayed and second class citizen’ed not just him but all people who are descendants of the African continent.

And Killmonger has a point.  Here you have a nation with the ability to change the landscape of the entire planet.  Utilize their resource to maintain unilateralism of economic, social, military and ethical rights.  Usurp authority and ensure that equalities on all fronts are achieved on a global level. Equalities rooted in happiness.  IF, that was his motivation.  But he wanted revenge.  He was corrupted by the ills of the world and received the short end of the stick, all of which Wakanda has the power to correct.  His source was negativity and a quest for domination.  And that was his mistake.

And it’s not that he should be faulted; he was a product of his environment.  A man (any person) can only take so much and will ultimately display the qualities of their oppressor.  But two wrongs don’t make a right and his quest was subjected in self satisfaction.

And although T’Challa began to use his nation’s resources to better the world near the end, was it necessary?  Why does Wakanda have to be the governor of all nations?  It was already proven that with just a little taste of the power of Wakanda’s most prized resource, “colonizers” couldn’t handle it.  Imagine on a larger scale!


Similar to the ‘America First’ tactic of modern day America, selfishness is never a good trait to behold.  It’s bad energy.  Negative energy.  And like all great civilizations, they come to pass and that stinginess won’t be forgotten.  And no matter how intelligent, sophisticated or advanced a nation becomes, it’s still a creation of its citizens and if those persons do not follow the law of energy, compassion, empathy and service, then that nation will fall.  And true power is good.  Infinite positive energy in all its forms.

But without adversity how can you succeed rightfully?  How can you discern good from evil?  There has to be a common ground, a point before breaking, that leaves you thirsty for change balanced with a strong sense of integrity.  A trait Erik lost somewhere between Oakland and his Motherland.  And how severe can the pain of oppression be that he chose to be ‘buried in the ocean with his ancestors who jumped from ships cause they knew death was better than bondage.’  His life sacrificed to invoke the seriousness of his devotion into T’Challa in hopes that the king will take action.

Most Blacks, at least the ones I associate with, understand Killmonger’s motives and can sympathize with him, but we don’t seek domination or retribution.  We still have our integrity in tact.  We desire the oppression to end and social justice to become primary but not at the expense of becoming an Oppressor.  We just want right.  Freedom.  Equality.  And opportunity.  We want a Wakanda to exist in reality so that it can prove to the world that Africans can produce great things when fortuity is awarded. 

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