The Bridge: The life and rise of Barack Obama – David Remnick

51u1wx9aR3L._SX323_BO1204203200_I love Obama.  Love him to death!  Mainly, he has allowed me to live in a time to say, “I have a Black President!”  Speaking it still gives me goosebumps.  But like most americans, I wondered, who is Barack?  And where did he come from?

This book chronicles his rise from humble beginnings to becoming the first Black President of the United States.

His trail seemed destined but if he didn’t put in the work, he would never have achieved greatness.

Who IS Barack Hussein Obama!?  A question still being asked almost 10 years since he announced his candidacy.

Here, you’ll get the answer.  He’s the man that watched, understood and felt a connection to the Civil Rights Movement.  He attended the Million Man March.  He was a prolific community organizer.  An opponent of the Iraq War.  Director of Project Vote (a voter registration drive).  Editor and President of the Harvard Review.  A father and a husband.

All this you may have heard of and know but this book delves deeper into the why and the how he came to be.

His life seems like a fairy tale but before his big speech at the Democratic Convention in 2004, he caught himself.  Having had a whirlwind of a life, he said, “whoa,” realizing the moment and choking up before continuing his journey.

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