John who!?: John Lewis.

John Lewis.  In an interview recently, Sheriff Clarke, responding to why Rep. John Lewis boycotted attending the opening of the civil rights museum because trump was invited, responded with, “John who?” to a question posed by the interviewer.

John who…

He stated the Mr. Lewis’ time had passed and he’s now irrelevant.  He mentioned the poverty and crime rates in Mr. Lewis’ congressional district and that Lewis should be more focused on cleaning that up.

A (Black) man, sitting in a cowboy hat, supporting Trump claiming that John Lewis is inconsequential.  Aint that the pot disrespecting the fire.

Mr. Lewis is the very reason clueless Clarke can have a position.  Mr. Lewis’ fractured skull in the face of oppression on the Edmund Pettus Bridge is what catapulted the Civil Rights Movement and garnered sympathy for the Black cause.  Shown live on television, the horror of that moment changed the views of many White Americans to the reality that Black people faced. 

Sheriff Clarke, you not only owe Mr. Lewis an apology, you owe him your life.

You support a human being that has contributed to the systems that have corrupted not just Mr. Lewis’ district but poor neighborhoods throughout this country yet you criticize John Lewis!?  Trump is the antithesis of right, morality, dignity, class, humanity, love, forgivingness, humility, etc. and you have pretty much handed him your life. 


You actually travel across the nation bad mouthing Black Lives Matter and poor people speaking how law and order is the only answer yet you NEVER have spoken on the injustices of our judicial, economic, political, educational and housing systems.  I guess Black lives don’t matter to you because you never defend them.  And here you have not a Black icon but an American icon that fought for you, yes YOU, to have the freedoms to express your opinions and – John who? is your response!? 


Mr. Lewis has earned the right to boycott.  He’s given America his best years, his best efforts and has challenged this country to live up to what it says it stands for: freedom.  And he has fought for that right to be conditioned to all of its citizens.  For over 50 years he has turmoil-ed and even if he no longer has any fight in him, so be it.  He has fought enough years to secure his legacy for generations to come.

Ask trump who is John Lewis, he might say, “John who?”   And that should tell you something…

Your disrespect is shameful Mr. Clarke – as an American.

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