I’m not worried…

I’m not worried.

Let the Republicans Gorsuch the laws, de-Obama healthcare and Spicer our language.  Let them manufacture – then defeat, a war on coal and the second amendment.  They can puff out their chests and decriminalize the destruction of our planet.  Executive order us to death.

I’m not worried.

“For this too shall past.”

There’s an uprising, we see, against this hard right curve.  A resistance seen in the crowds of the many women who marched post the inauguration, out-massed the inauguration and more significant-ed the inauguration.  And even in the hast of implementing a travel (Muslim) ban, we’ve seen the voice of the people spoken through our court system designed to protect the Constitution and defend us from all entities foreign and DOMESTIC.  We’re seeing in town halls across the nation, a vitriol disdain for the destruction of the country’s future.  A future of equality, acceptance, equal class structure and happiness.  Nothing is easy for this administration and nothing is easy because nothing is “right”.

But this nation, as is seen, is deeply divided.  Money still has power.  And influence.  And a voice.  And 45.  This is the base of the Republican Party.  Designed to keep those rich enriched and heard through the power of legislation and influence.

Religious Liberty

So the battle is on.  The battle of ‘who speaks the loudest.’  Whose voices will trumpet to victory and guide this nation to a port of it’s future.  Will the shores contain women’s rights, LGBT rights, police accountability, healthcare for all, Muslims, refugees, etc.  Or the 1%, the past, the old White men who feel entitled and delusional enough to make the decisions that affect all but them.

And the numbers, as evident by the popular vote, is on the side of the former…

Like the Confederacy, they can have the battles of Fredericksburg, Fort Sumter, Harper’s Ferry; but ultimately the war will be lost and we, the victors, unlike post Civil War, need to stamp out all remnants of its negativity, leaving nothing to chance and nothing to grow.

Burn and salt the values of the GOP.

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