“Harriet Tubman is on the $20 dollar bill.”

“Harriet Tubman is on the $20 dollar bill.”

Any controversy that develops from this decision doesn’t matter, the symbolism is real. From a slaveowner (man of his times) to slave freer (woman of her times).

At least 3 out of 5 days I wake up and say, “We have a Black President.” – Soon that’ll be over and I will need a new daily quote.

I wonder what she would think about this? Towards the end of her life, she was fortunate enough to enjoy the recognition she deserved. The Harriet Tubman Home for the Aged was named in her honor and her funeral, attended by thousands, included federal military honors.

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But let’s look at this ruling. Jackson, Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and all those other men chosen to be immortalized on our currency were chosen when white men and only white men had a say in its decision. In reality, they were still the only ones that could vote. Do you think they would have selected Harriet Tubman? She embodied everything they stood against and dedicated her life to change. And cause change she did. She ushered in civil rights that included not just slaves but women as well. She escaped not just physical slavery but the slavery of an oppressive institution that was continuously upheld by these very men. That change resulted in a continued struggle to be seen, heard and included in decisions that affect the entire nation. That change resulted in slaves being strengthened not to just be free but to continue to fight for equal rights. That change garnered a quest for women to be included in that very struggle to eliminate the idea that only white men can govern this nation. Minorities have ideas too.

“Harriet Tubman is on the $20 dollar bill.”

She actually exemplifies what being an American is. Came from nothing (bring us your tired, weak, poor…), fought against injustices (The Revolutionary War) and patriotic (she joined the Union Army). But fortunately for America, she wasn’t a white male. She was a minority and those traits contributed to a society that has comfortably and overwhelmingly deemed it necessary to honor her with a permanent place in history.

My new 3 out of 5 days a week quote, “Harriet Tubman is on the $20 dollar bill.”

“There was one or two things I had a right to, liberty or death; if I could not have one, I would have the other.”– Harriet Tubman

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