Forty Acres: Dwayne Alexander Smith

I disliked this book so much, I decided to re-read it to see if my feelings were genuine.  They were and I actually like it worse than before.  On all levels.

The story is about a group of prominent Black men that vacation at an exclusive resort.  With their authority, they’re able to turn the tables and become ‘the masters,’ employing White servants to cater to their every needs.  Reversing the ethnic roles of slavery.  Martin Grey, the main character, is the protagonist as this philosophy and actions do not fit well with his conscience.

Typical race scenario that is too far-fetched.  I know of no one (Black Man) who would be willing to participate in such a horrific scenario, oppressing another human being to fulfill some sadistic fantasy.  Instead of fiction, this should be categorized under science fiction.  Even with fiction, there should be some basis of reality and I felt that this premise was devoid of any.  The story was predictable and implausible.

A waste of my time (twice).

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