Black Ink: Stephanie Stokes Oliver

Pure inspiration.  A collection of Black writers telling their love and relationship with the art of the written word.  Along with a few examples of their work, their stories are amazing with what they had to do to get their gift out to the world.  A broke Zora Neal Hurston, facing eviction and spending money she didn’t have to mail out her manuscript.  A discouraged Malcolm X, using some painful “advice” as fuel to become the great man he did.  A written letter thrown in the fire after waiting 6 years for an opportunity to present itself and numerous other accounts detailing the struggles yet perseverance of the African American voice.

Knowing that the punishment for learning to read was death, slaves never became discouraged and actually went to all lengths to achieve this task which they knew led to education which ultimately led to knowledge/freedom.

And not just the desire to read, Blacks writers have been abundantly prolific in displaying their craft.  In addition to the many slave narratives, the Harlem Renaissance bought forth a gaggle of authors that exhibited their craft.

It’s great to see the dedication to literature and hopefully in this technological age, this volume will influence many readers to appreciate the drive, dedication, commitment and talents of not just the famed writers listed but many more that have followed in their footsteps.

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  1. Sounds like a collection of motivational yet Inspirational literature.

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