Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, Death, and Hope in a Mumbai Undercity – Katherine Boo

The struggle is universal.

And so is government denial.

This book relays the story of how a community, built in the depths of squalor and abasement, still achieved hope despite the vast odds they were assessed.

This slum, Annawadi, in India, is more of a refugee camp located near the Mumbai airport, in plain view of a 5-star hotel.  One of the residents, Abdul, makes a living off of the discarded ‘fortunes’ he finds in the hotel’s garbage but he has to always face the daunting task of getting caught.  Another, Asha, does what she has to do to survive, all with the hope that her daughter will strive and receive a college degree.

Then India’s economic situation turns bleak and the first to feel the brunt are the inhabitants of Annawadi…

The story of survival and ‘when is enough enough,’ is the centerpiece of this book and it’s told brilliantly as we witness the lives of these devoted souls.

There’s nothing greater than hope and nothing more sad than despair…

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