And then let us debate legacies…

The worse thing that can happen to Trump is that his policies succeed.  Healthcare, roll-back of regulations, rob the poor and give to the rich; all these victories will solidify his legacy.  An added bonus of these successes is the destruction of Obama’s.

If Trump wins, Obama loses.

But legacy…what is it?  Obama’s is the ACA; Obamacare.  A hard fought piece of legislature impacting the most Americans since the inception of Social Security.  In the modern era, all Presidents either tried to pass universal healthcare or didn’t attempt (but wanted to) because they knew it would be futile.  A great political victory that is now being threatened with repeal and replace.  Unethically threatened.  But here’s the thing, Obama did it.  Like Jackie Robinson, Neil Armstrong, Sandra Day O’Connor and himself, President Obama did it.  Done.

There’s a cycle in American politics.  The Republicans are in control, control is shared or The Democrats are in charge.  This happens when a party becomes too complacent and the country needs a change.  Hence Donald Trump.  Hence this Republican controlled nation.  Having been a minority for the past 8 years, they’re eager to assert their authority and dismantle all that the Democrats have done.  Party over people.  Unfortunately, it’s a mantra that can be assessed to both sides.  So they now have the chance to dismantle and undo Obama’s signature accomplishment.

But you can’t undo a legacy.  President Obama (a democrat) was the first President to provide universal healthcare.  Period.  You can repeal his law and even replace it.  The law now is no more…  No more Obamacare….

But like I stated before, there’s a cycle in American politics and the tide will subside and the power will shift.  Back to the democrats.  And you know, they will ‘repeal and replace.’  And what will the name of their bill be?  Obamacare – in honor of his achievement.

So Trump will continue to push forth his agenda and hopefully they will succeed.  I say this with a long-term mindset, knowing how many minority, lower and middle-income people will suffer, but his failure needs to be established and cemented.  Concreted to the point where no one of his ilk will ever be President again.  His healthcare is guaranteed to hurt the majority of the people that support him.  A hard lesson they need to learn.  His EPA roll-backs are destined to hurt our environment and decimate our natural resources and climate.  All for a few jobs instead of assisting job-seekers with acquiring new skills.  The coal industry is never coming back.  Short-term victory; long-term disappointment.  His reversal of privately funded governmental prisons will fail.  Heeding to the fact that our country is maturing into an unprecedented social consciousness.  And he’s forced other nations to fend for themselves, but they’ll unite with each other to secure victory and persevere.  And because of Trump, America will not be invited to that victory party.

So give him these successes for in 50 years, the country needs to look back at where it went wrong.  Where did the demise begin?

– November 8th, 2016.

And then, let us debate legacies….

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