13th: Documentary – Ava DuVernay

For anyone who still thinks that the system isn’t rigged against Blacks (males), then they need to see this documentary.  In fact, every American should see this film.  Period.  The reaction of anyone from any Black community after viewing this will be a shoulder shrug accompanied with, “I’ve been saying this for years…”  We may not have been privy to the extent but we’ve always knew we were targeted.

13th is titled after the 13th amendment – designed to end slavery.  But there was an exempt clause (unless as punishment for a crime) that gave rise to the mass incarceration and trafficking of Black males to continue the institution of slavery – legally.  A win-win situation for America, “we can rid the streets of the undesirables while cheap laboring our businesses.”  All while Black families felt the brunt and were decimated.

A harrowing tale is being told in this film that has reshaped the landscape of this country.  Our distrust of the police and law, our being viewed as incorrigibles, our families being torn apart and a lack of identity woven throughout the Black Male psyche.  And most importantly, businesses profiting off the enslavement of people of color further creating an income gap in our social structure.  And these for profit businesses of incarceration was/is sickening.

I rarely watch movies or tv for that matter and I primarily review books but this educational piece was too powerful not to be shared.

A must see for all.

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